Confused about dietary advice? Why?

We are not confused about what makes a good diet: moderate nutritious carbs, a fair portion of protein, minimal sugar, plentiful fruit and vegetables, limited alcohol and not too much salt. Our consumption of fat might still be one source of uncertainty; perhaps best to moderate that too for the time being. But, ultimately, prepare a little… Read More

A spiritual basis for health

The concept of health can be all-encompassing. It is mind and body, within which we experience impressions of spirituality and divine inspiration. The person with a comprehensive notion of health will incorporate these experiences of ‘transcendence’. Religious traditions suggest that the health and vibrancy of mind, body and spirit are indicative of the draw towards God; that… Read More

A new politics of health

We need a new politics for health. Our medical and public health authorities were designed to keep infectious diseases at bay. We value their continuing vigilance and intervention. But what threaten us more are the mental and physical conditions that emerge through the interaction between our internal vulnerabilities and our  lifestyles. Medical professionals work hard to combat these… Read More