A mystique of living together

Pope Francis has impressed most people around the world with his integrity and worldly realism. I was particularly inspired by some of his thinking in the 2013 document, ‘Evangelii Gaudium’: ‘To go out of ourselves and join with others is healthy for us’. These words emboldened my shaping of the tag-line for Our Health: ‘pursue… Read More

Confused about dietary advice? Why?

We are not confused about what makes a good diet: moderate nutritious carbs, a fair portion of protein, minimal sugar, plentiful fruit and vegetables, limited alcohol and not too much salt. Our consumption of fat might still be one source of uncertainty; perhaps best to moderate that too for the time being. But, ultimately, prepare a little… Read More


Health and wellbeing emerge when people live well – particularly when they live well together. Our Health promotes a political, cultural and spiritual movement in which people together can take initiative to live better. Our long, isolated, commercialised lives compromise health and wellbeing. Our minds and bodies suffer under the strain. Our Health promotes collective… Read More