The body heals itself – with a little help

What makes ‘fake’ acupuncture work? A few years ago, Harvard professor Ted Kaptchuk carried out an experiment to study the relative impact of acupuncture and analgesics on the experience of pain. To give the study more breadth, he added a placebo to test against the analgesic, and built fake acupuncture needles that looked and felt… Read More

A mystique of living together

Pope Francis has impressed most people around the world with his integrity and worldly realism. I was particularly inspired by some of his thinking in the 2013 document, ‘Evangelii Gaudium’: ‘To go out of ourselves and join with others is healthy for us’. These words emboldened my shaping of the tag-line for Our Health: ‘pursue… Read More

Is religion good for your health?

The practise of religion influences health more than we realise. For instance, certain moral practices limit the spread of disease. Supportive community relationships promote healthy minds. Religious groups often provide medical services to their members and local communities. Indeed, the interaction between mind, body and the divine are thought by many to prompt recovery. At… Read More