What a difference a day makes

In my quest for relief from dizziness symptoms, last week I went to two appointments. I organize outings very carefully as car travel significantly exacerbates symptoms. Specialists have told me that I have exhausted what conventional medicine can offer, so last Monday I visited an osteopath with experience of a wide variety of alternative therapies.… Read More

Healing the body through the mind

Would you subject yourself to hypnosis to improve your health? I’m not sure I would. I don’t like the idea of submitting my mind to unconscious suggestion. But I have been challenged to think again. In her excursion into the science of mind and body, the science journalist Jo Marchant has discovered some surprising therapies involving… Read More

The body heals itself – with a little help

What makes ‘fake’ acupuncture work? A few years ago, Harvard professor Ted Kaptchuk carried out an experiment to study the relative impact of acupuncture and analgesics on the experience of pain. To give the study more breadth, he added a placebo to test against the analgesic, and built fake acupuncture needles that looked and felt… Read More