There are very many factors that enhance or diminish our health. We hear about the plight of health services, or weigh up the latest advice on diet, or respond to a friend who is depressed. Medical science seems to take great strides forward to improve our chances of defeating disease, but can treat us as mere biochemical machines in the process. There are competing claims from health products and disputed benefits from complementary treatments.

This site is designed to pool wisdom on the many and various issues surrounding our health so that we can be more confident in our choices and attitudes. It promotes a perspective that places responsibility with the individual in association with others. The concept is expressed like this:

DSCN0273Health and wellbeing emerge when people live well; particularly when they live well together. Our Health promotes a political, cultural and spiritual movement in which people together can take initiative to live better. Our long, isolated, commercialised lives compromise health and wellbeing. Our minds and bodies suffer under the strain. Our Health promotes collective voluntary action; action that is rooted in a spiritual motivation for the highest aspirations of wellbeing. It emphasises responsibilities rather than rights; relationships rather than services. With a unique take on the sacred wisdom of the Golden Rule, Our Health is based on this simple principle: ‘Pursue with others what you wish for yourself’. The individual will thrive better when part of a wider relational enterprise.


Anyone can participate in bringing wisdom to bear on the many issues raised on this site. All the articles offer the chance for feedback. Indeed, you can best participate by putting that wisdom into practice. The exemplars section is designed to highlight practical ways in which people are already pursuing health alongside others. It is there to be an encouragement for those who want to do something to promote health in their community. Write in and tell us what you are doing so that we can add to that encouragement.

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