Our Health welcomes Julia Chambeyron!

JuliaWhen you meet Julia Chambeyron you are certain to share laughter together within minutes. Julia has that infectious air about her that catches people’s attention and warms their hearts. Yet the external friendly and attractive persona overlays a deep underlying pain. Julia has struggled with a chronic condition for many years. It has taken much from her. Many of the pleasures of life are no longer hers to enjoy. Julia somehow manages to continue her vocation as an Anglican minister, and very successfully so. Her people value her greatly. But this comes at a cost.

Julia and I have grappled together these past years in making sense of a life with the compromises she faces. We have wondered at what can be redeemed from the many losses she has endured. Through all this Julia has persevered with her faith and with her service to others. She has so often passed on gems of insight amidst the suffering of her friends.

If we are to ‘pursue with others what we wish for ourselves’, then we should be ready to plumb the depths of personhood amidst compromised health. If we are to truly care for others in the hope that our community may be supportive to us too in the event of sickness or disability, then we will value Julia’s guidance and inspiration.  She will publish regular articles that will open her depth of experience to a wider audience. Follow her articles, and treasure those gems!

Find out more about Julia on the people page.

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