Mundane ‘miracle cure’

DSCN0072A high ranking army general from Syria found himself in a dilemma. He had contracted a nasty disease that threatened both his position and his life. He sought the advice of doctors but none of them could reverse the infection. Eventually he found his way to a faith healer who assured him he could be cured. There was a simple task to follow. He had to bathe in the local river. The general was none too pleased, and angrily refused. The river was muddy and unpleasant. Eventually he relented and took a dip. All symptoms instantly disappeared.

This 3000 year old myth from the Jewish bible reminds us of our fickle resistance to do those things that bring health. Those things are often mundane and unappealing. Putting aside mythical ideas, they rely on our approach to diet, exercise, relationships and drugs. Get these things right, and better health will follow.

The UK’s Academy of Medical Royal Colleges published a report today proclaiming a ‘miracle cure’ to help combat many modern diseases including diabetes, dementia, heart disease and even some cancers. They want doctors to promote it widely since it offers greater improvements than most drugs. The ‘miracle cure’? Exercise. 30 minutes, 5 times a week. Imagine coming away from the GP surgery with a prescription for a daily 30 minute walk…

We are almost embarrassed to admit to the truth of this advice. We assume it will fail because it relies on the effort of the individual. We seek an alternative that will be less effective but more palatable. Usually a pill. When will we learn?

Check out the report:

Also click to watch this engaging video to motivate and inform further:

Looking to build exercise into your daily routine? I found this inspiring book very helpful in understanding how to develop new habits:

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