A spiritual basis for health

DSCN0018The concept of health can be all-encompassing. It is mind and body, within which we experience impressions of spirituality and divine inspiration. The person with a comprehensive notion of health will incorporate these experiences of ‘transcendence’. Religious traditions suggest that the health and vibrancy of mind, body and spirit are indicative of the draw towards God; that in responding to the call of the divine, we are able to experience impressions of true wholeness. These prepare us for whatever perfecting experiences may come beyond death.

Religion has traditionally focused on preparations for the life beyond. This is hardly surprising while life was generally short and often brutal. However, life in the present is increasingly full and open to possibility. Our Health is designed to carve out space in which the whole person amidst other persons seek the fullest experience for health and wellbeing within the capacities of modern life. Its perspective engages more fully with this life than the next, but draws inspiration from the revelation of concluding completeness.

Thus the idea of Our Health connects well with the teachings of traditional religions, but is also resonant with less defined and organised notions of spirituality. It promotes an optimistic view of health and wellbeing to which all can aspire and in which we involve ourselves alongside others. It integrates the nature of personhood, health, spirituality, relationships and environment and weaves these realities into a fresh statement about what true health is. It reconsiders what are our assumptions about health and suffering; what we can expect to be and how we can live with what we are; how we can manage the tensions in changing what we are. It is a collective, spiritual quest.

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