Pursue with others what you wish for yourself

Health and wellbeing emerge when people live well; particularly when they live well together.

Our Health promotes a political, cultural and spiritual movement in which people together take initiative to live better. Our long, isolated, commercialised lives compromise health and wellbeing. Our minds and bodies suffer under the strain.

Our Health promotes relational action; action that is rooted in a spiritual motivation for the highest aspirations of wellbeing. It emphasises responsibilities rather than rights; relationships rather than services. The individual will thrive better when part of a wider relational enterprise.


Be informed

Learn more about what makes for healthy living. Regular articles provide ideas and comment to build understanding.

Be inspired

Draw from spiritual insights and community experience. Find the strength and motivation to embrace health.

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Join with others. Do together what you may not achieve on your own.

Pursue with others what you wish for yourself
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Exploring issues amidst compromised health

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When passions are running high, logic may be unwelcome. If we are in love, in despair, or in pain, then it is empathy we crave rather than dispassionate analysis. Anyone with experience in human relationships knows and understands this. Feelings respond better to compassion than rational critique. This will be the ongoing fault line in… Read More

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‘Still waters run deep’ goes the expression, mostly referring to people who maybe don’t say much but who think deeply. I often think of the verse in psalm 23 – ‘He leads me beside still waters…’ We tend to think of water as moving: the sea is in constant movement, rivers flow, lakes have currents… Read More

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The rush of elation took me by surprise. Normally calm and unflustered, I found myself uncharacteristically ecstatic. I was stood with fellow members of my brass band listening to the announcement of our first prize in an important contest. I have always been ambivalent about competition. I watch others strive for it and am touched… Read More

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‘It is not enough to succeed. Others must fail’. So wrote the American novelist Gore Vidal. This suggests that the human psyche needs an enemy in order to thrive; that it is more natural to compete than collaborate. At this point in history, we may be forgiven for such pessimism. Trends in religious faith and… Read More

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For a few days at the beginning of January, a wide swathe of the population wakes up to an uncomfortable truth: ‘I am less than I want to be’. Resolutions for change are commonplace if short lived. Actually, for a great many people, the truth could be more accurately declared, ‘I am more than I… Read More

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Those of us with compromised health, or those struggling with temporary setbacks in our wellbeing, when denied what I call ‘the big pleasures of life’, learn how to appreciate small, fleeting moments of meaning and joy. One warm summer afternoon last week, I returned home from a church service feeling tired, rather dizzy and hot.… Read More

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What our friends think

I am a public health expert working on Global Health at the University of Freiburg in Germany. I had the privilege to meet Paul Holley in Basel a couple of years ago. His charismatic attitude reminded me of the key elements a ‘healthy’ person should have: A good balance between emotions, spiritual and rational life. With my big and warm Colombian heart I would like to immensely thank him for this wonderful initiative towards improving health particularly among vulnerable populations. I highly recommend the website…have a look… invite your friends to participate actively and put into practice the feasible recommendations. Together we will hopefully move from ‘my’ health to ‘our’ health!

Our health is surely the way to go. Here in Uganda we have lost many people through chronic conditions, and sometimes it has been due to ignorance. People fail to understand how to manage their health, and some are even misled at some points. When people have the information about their health and how to manage it, they can also save money on medical services.Our Health needs to be given priority above any other thing.

I am administrator of Kunri Christian Hospital, Umerkot District in Sindh, Pakistan – a faith based charitable institute. I fell in love with Kunri since moving there in 2007. The people are so resilent and inspiring. I appreciate the efforts of Paul Holley for developing the Our Health website. This important initiative will be helpful in sharing and discussing good practices relevant to the health of my people.

Hi ! I´m from El Salvador – a beautiful small country full of working and loving people. Health is an important issue in my country and this initiative is teaching me how to share essential information with my people. If your mind, soul and body are healthy your life will be full of happiness. If we learn more about health we will be helping not just our generation but also the next one. Our health will make you feel better about yourself and you will become your best friend´s body. Thank you Our Health!


'add years to your life and life to your years...' Dr. David Katz